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About TEK4.TV

TEK4.TV is about giving its customers and staff one place to go, which will provide them with the best opportunity to learn and keep up to date with all the great technology, products and applications that we use here at TEK4.


TEK4.TV is an idea that Jason Duffin the founder of TEK4 has had for a while. Jason wants to give everyone the chance to see and hear about all the great things that TEK4 has achieved and will continue to do so. TEK4 has been highly successful in developing next generation special process technology EDM Laser & STEM and supplying complete turnkey systems to industry.


TEK4 specialises in EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) for fast hole drilling, combined EDM and Laser machines for hole drilling and ceramic coating ablation, LASER for drilling and cutting operations and ECM for STEM drilling deep cooling holes in Gas Turbine components.


All our machines are built at TEK4's main facility in Leicester, UK, which enables short delivery times and robust support to be achieved.


If you would like to know more about TEK4 please visit our other website - or contact us at

EDM Drilling Machine
EDM Drilling Machine
EDM Drilling
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